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Chosen for Man or Woman, each healing box is a special keepsake box designed to be a gift by itself, a place to hold special remembrances of love and heartfelt memories but hidden inside these beautiful boxes are thirty comforting and encouraging presents. Opening one present each day for an entire month giving permission to take time to mourn and reflect. Each gift is a soothing, comforting gift for body, soul,
and spirit.

Prayerfully chosen and coupled together with encouraging words of scripture, each of the individually
wrapped presents provide encouragement, compassion and healing to those on their unique journey through grief. It’s a gift that keeps giving long after flowers and cards are forgotten. A gift of God’s Healing Presents allows you to reach out and comfort those you care about when they need it most whether you’re nearby or far away.

Original Healing Box (30-Gifts)...........$125.00

Made in your choice of  Woman, Man, Girl, Boy

Deluxe Healing Box (30-Gifts)..............$149.00
Made in your choice of Woman, Man, Girl, Boy

Healing Boxes 

....when you don't know what to say